■ Attorney assistance

■ Case consultations

■ Civil, Criminal & Family Cases

■ CLE lectures

■ Client consultations

■ Focus groups

■ Juror questionnaires

■ Jury selection

■ Mock trials

■ Shadow juries

■ Voir dire questions

■ Voir dire workshops

■ Witness preparation

■ State and Federal court

At Advantage Jury & Trial Consulting, our services include:

■ Jury Selection [selection, juror identification, jury profiles and analysis]
■ Juror questionnaires [preparation and review]
■ Voir Dire [preparation and assistance with presentation]
■ Witness preparation
■ Research[(conducting and analyzing) focus groups, mock trials, shadow juries, community analysis focus groups, voir dire & opening statement workshops and, pre & post-trial surveys]
■ Trial preparation [review of case materials, analysis, identification and assistance]
■ Trial demonstratives
■ Continuing Legal Education instructor
■ Post-verdict juror interviews
■ Trial strategy
Advantage Jury Consulting Administrator

Let our jury & trial consulting firm help YOU help your client.

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